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Thank you for your visit to our website and your interest in our work. On the next pages, we wish to tell you more about our current projects in Nepal and India. Currently, our projects reach and provide vital assistance to over 45,000 needy people. Please note: This english part of our website is still under construction and does not represent the latest developments of our work. We will update you soon.



In this edition of our newsletter you will find out more about our aid programm for the earthquake victims in Nepal, the lucky birth of the 250. 'Back to Life'-baby in our birthing houses and a lot of more interesting stories from Nepal and India. Please click here to download.


Help to self-help in the Himalayas

The forgotten people – In the Mugu district of Nepal, the life-expectancy is currently 36 years. Infant mortality is among the highest in the world. In order to change the living conditions of the local people, who currently live in destitution, we are building schools and community houses, providing training and awareness programmes, offering medical care, helping establish micro-banks and enabling people to protect their resources and immediate environment. We are also providing energy solutions like solar power and solutions for agriculture and clean water supply.


Help to self-help for the people of Chitwan

New hope for the "outcasts" - In our project area Chitwan are living casteless, untouchables and other minorities as "outcasts" of the Nepalese society. To create a child-friendly environment, we perform trainings on topics such as hygiene, health care, agriculture, micro-credit and income generation. We are build facilities for the care of toddlers who would otherwise be on their own and support the schools and the children of very poor families in the region with schooling material as well as medical support.


Basic medical care in Nepal

Fates and tragedies from Nepal - In the context of our project work in Nepal, we often come across people, especially children, who need urgent medical attention. By providing medical care services, we save lives and improve the health of people in the region in the long term.


Children's homes in India

From living on the street to a life with a bright future – With two children's homes and a day care centre, we provide a safe home for more than 100 children, who now have the chance to lead a life in dignity. Most of the children we care for do come from families affected by leprosy or are orphans who ended up on the streets of Benares.


Medical aid and leprosy projects in India

Dignity for ostracised people – This is the objective behind all our projects. Since 1996 we are steadily helping those who suffer from leprosy. We provide medical treatment and rehabilitation services as well as daily medical and social care. All our efforts aim at giving people back their dignity.


Children's rights in India

Protecting and empowering children living in slums - Together with our partner organisation, we have initiated a comprehensive programme to promote the rights of children in the most desolate slums and villages in and around Varanasi. By now, our project has extended to around 60,000 people.